A Long Stay Vacation is the Best Vacation

April 23, 2022

At Scenic Stays, we believe there’s no such thing as too much beach time. Sure, you want to lather up on sunscreen (then re-lather, and then… re-lather again) and stake down an umbrella to give you good UV coverage, but at the end of the day, beach time is good for the soul.  So why not look beyond your standard weeklong beach vacation and consider staying awhile in a long-stay vacation rental?

You may be wondering, what’s truly a ‘long-term vacation?’ The answer is all in the eyes of the beholder (or rather, vacationer). Typically defined as a stay anywhere from two weeks to two months long, the best determining factor is if you allow yourself the time to pull back the layers of your standard vacation with all the standard bells and whistles and really feel engrained in the destination itself. Your vacation rental becomes your home away from home where you live, work, and play.  If you’re able to have a favorite coffee shop, a go-to after-beach cocktail joint, or a top 3 places to catch a sunset in your vacation Rolodex, congratulations, you’re probably on a long-term vacay.

Read on to find out why long-term vacations are growing in popularity and how you can get in on the fun along the beautiful beaches of Destin and 30A.

What is a Long Stay Vacation?

A long stay vacation is an experience many of us couldn’t imagine just a few years ago. But with so many changes in how we work, how our kids learn, and how we manage our time overall, staying in a long-stay vacation rental is a lot easier than it once seemed. 

Let’s start with a little myth-debunking:

Debunked: Long-stay vacations are only for retirees.

While retirees may have more time on their hands to indulge in long-term beach vacations, that doesn’t mean those of us climbing the corporate ladder and working for the weekend can’t get in on the fun. If you work from home, either part of the time or all of the time, or just racked up a bunch of vacation time, you’re in an excellent position to take your work or hard-earned paid time off on the road to sunny Northwest Florida beaches.

Plus, if you have kids in tow, especially if they are homeschooled or have dedicated remote learning days built into the school year, we can’t think of a better place for them to receive hands-on education about marine life, science, and more throughout Destin, 30A, and the surrounding areas.

Debunked: Long stay vacations take place in the winter.

We’ve all heard the term ‘snowbird’, defining those who flee the north during the winter months to seek the warmth of that good ole Florida sunshine.  But while snowbirds certainly have the right idea, long stays are welcome any time of year and particularly perfect spring and fall, in addition to the winter season.

Outside of summer, the crowds are lower, temperatures are perfect for midday walks on the beach, and golfing conditions are pristine. Plus, traveling beyond the summer months for longer periods allows the time to truly explore the area and chip away at your beach bucket list. Vacationing in the fall or spring is like amplifying your winter retreat. And with warmer temperatures and festivals and events happening almost every weekend, you still get minimal crowds and a true local feel to the area.

Debunked: Long-stay vacations are expensive.

If you’ve ever stayed on the beach for a summer weekend getaway, you may think a long stay vacation rental over fall, winter, or spring is going to cost the same nightly rate, but we’re here to tell you—long stay vacations yield better prices. That’s right, the longer you stay the more you save. Additionally, when you travel outside of peak travel periods like summer and spring break, those savings can be significant. Simply put: less money out of your pocket, same beautiful beach.

Pro tip: The best way to book a long stay vacation is to call Scenic Stays directly at 850-390-7511 and speak with one of our talented reservations agents. They can work with you to meet your needs and help you select the best long-stay vacation rental for you and your family.

Debunked: Long-stay vacations are boring.

Quite the contrary.  The best part of long-stay vacations is just that, the length!  If you spend a week along Destin or 30A, we can ensure you’ll see the beach a fair amount, check out some of the more prominent restaurants and bars in the area, and maybe catch a dolphin cruise or rent paddle boards for the day.

That’s a great vacation, but if you want an epic vacation, you stay longer and you seek out more.  We promise you, one street behind that flashy seafood restaurant is the dive where they get their local catch. Or right down the street from the standard surf shop is a locally owned, operated, and curated beach shop selling goodies you won’t find anywhere else. Tucked between magnolia trees are art galleries where the artist awaits to greet you.

Who knows, while grabbing a couple of snacks from the grocery store, you may just pick up a flyer for a local music or wine festival happening next week. Good thing you’ll be around for it. 

Destin and 30A are packed with hidden gems, waiting for you to discover them.

Long-Stay Vacation Rentals by Scenic Stays

As we said, there’s no such thing as too much beach time. Whatever that looks like to you, we hope you spend your time with us on the Gulf of Mexico. And if you’re looking to maximize your beach days for the year, you found the right article!

So what are you waiting for? With Gulf-front condominium resorts to private beach homes along Destin and 30A, Scenic Stays is ready to accommodate you and your family in a long-stay vacation rental. We look forward to making you an inaugural local! Contact us today at 850-390-7511 to book your long stay vacation to the sugar-white beaches of Northwest Florida.

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